Effectiveness of Pheromone?

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Effectiveness of Pheromone?

There is result from one of the research that scent is very important for falling in love between men and women. Newsmagazine, Times reported that ‘in love that is according to desire of reproduction, brain and five senses are cooperated to find the partner and the smell judges firstly during this time.’ by quotation of research from accomplished scholar in New Jersey.

So as a result, men and women find out their partner according to smell such as Pheromone unconsciously.

How can we feel Pheromone?

Pheromone contains ingredient that makes other to be attracted as it is called fragrance of temptation. The reason why men and women are attracted by others unconsciously is because pheromone stimulates instinct as it is delivered to brain through vomeronasal organ, the second olfactory nerve that for mates interest.

Also Pheromone perfume is useful for increasing your own attraction

as olfactory sense is strong sense that is delivered to deep inside the brain and virtually a lot of businessman who succeed has experienced its effectiveness rather than just men and women. 

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