Survey on Pheromone Perfume

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Survey on fragrance that attracts men and women 

Korean conducted a survey on
“the most attractive fragrance that appeals men and women”
Targeted 450 office workers in their twenties and thirties.

-92.3% answered yes to question that ‘have you ever been attracted to men or women by fragrance?’ and 88.1% said ‘fragrance is very important to attract people.
So it is confirmed that a lot of people believe they can fell attached by others through fragrance.

Also ‘delicate and romantic mush fragrance’
Is selected the most(52.5%) as preferable fragrance of men and women. Musk fragrance is well-known as representative pheromone fragrance that attracts people. The other answers were ‘cool aqua fragrance’(26.1%), ‘ fresh fruity fragrance’

A lot of people selected ‘romantic musk fragrance’(52.9%) as fragrance that suit perfectly for winter with snow, and the other answers were ‘fresh fruity fragrance’(20.3%), ‘cool aqua fragrance’(11.6%) in order.

As a result, it is shown that musk fragrance is known as the best fragrance to attract people with its delicate and attractive fragrance. 

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