Effective Ways to use Pheromone Perfume

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Highly suggested fashion proposal in Fall and Winter 2012, Pheromone Perfume!

What can we do to use pheromone perfume 150% effectively?
If you want to use Pheromone that is extracted from vegetable more naturally, Let’s have a look at effective ways to use delicate, hot and attractive Pheromone that can be not working well by sweat or environment!

It is better to not mix with anything.
So do not let it be mixed with smoking, other perfume, too strong cosmetic or shampoo. Pheromone perfume is exuded attractive and delicate fragrance as it is mixed with individual’s body odor when use so do not le it be mixed with other fragrance.

If you want fragrance with chic, exclusivity of woody and soft and warm feeling, we recommend MOODYMOOD pheromone white that is soft, sexy with attractive fresh floral line and fresh, sweet top coat of fresh citrus line.

It is good to make your people to get used to this perfume as you spray lightly onto your belongings such as bag or handkerchief that you always bring for use effectively through direct use.

We suggest MOODYMOOD Pheromone black containing exclusivity and fragrance of floral line of pure orchid together with fresh, sweet and lovely image Plus, secret and flaunt base of oriental. 

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